Self-hosted Instagram Style gallery for all your photos

ProGram is a CLI based, self-hosted photo sharing app. You can think of it as Instagram for programmers who want to keep their data secure while still being able to showcase their best shots in a cool gallery style.

ProGram - CLI based, self-hosted Instagram-esque gallery | Product Hunt Embed


Installing program is easy as cake if you already have npm installed.

$ npm install -g programcli
$ program


To use ProGram, just run program in your terimal and you can see it there for you. The first time, ProGram will ask you to create your profile and finish the onboarding process. But after that, every time you open the app, you can jump straight ahead into editing your favorite pictures. Currently you perform the following functions.

  • Crop Image to your choice
  • Rotate Image if required
  • Add filters as you like

Want More Features?!

So you love it but want more features. Great! Welcome onboard, it's your time to contribute. We welcome everyone to join us, veterans and beginners alike. It doesn't matter if this is your first open-source contribution or 100th.

Github link 👉🏼 ProGramCLI | Made with ❤️ by Team XenoX